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Centric Health is a world-class private healthcare provider with 5 multidisciplinary centres across Canada. Each of our multidisciplinary centres offers Canadian residents a range of high-quality surgery, consultation and diagnostic services.

Many of our patients from across Canada choose medical travel, or “medical tourism,” to expedite their care. Instead of going abroad for treatment, Canadian residents have the opportunity to remain in Canada and receive the care they need in another province.

Out-of-Province Medical travel enables Canadian patients to:

    • Access care sooner by avoiding long wait times
    • Get faster diagnostic tests and scans
    • Receive high quality, affordable health services
    • Gain access to the expertise of Canada’s top physicians
    • Be treated in surgical centres that meet strict accreditation and regulatory standards
    • Benefit from centres that use state of the art technology and techniques
    • Enjoy our continuity of care approach, encompassing diagnosis, and surgery

Medical travel options within Canada

Provincial regulations may mean that the surgery or other services you require are not available privately in your home province. The good news is you can still access expedited care by travelling to a Centric Health Surgical Centre in another province that offers the same service you require.

How to get started:

Simply browse our website to find the surgical procedure, diagnostic service, or specialist consultation you require and then contact us through one of the options below.

Option 1: Call our out-of-province patient toll-free line

Call 1-855-831-2007 to speak directly with a patient care coordinator who specializes in handling interprovincial patients.

Option 2: Contact a local centre

On each procedure page, you will see a list of facilities that can address your needs. If your home province is listed, you can call or email the centre in your Province to review provincial regulations. A referral will be made to one of our out-of-province centres if necessary.

Option 3: Contact a centre in another province

On each procedure page, you will see a list of facilities that can address your needs. Select a Centric Health Surgical Centre in another province that offers the service you need and call or email to discuss specific details and to book an appointment. We can also make accommodation and travel recommendations.

Browse our Centres:

Medical travel FAQ for Out of Province

  • Do I need to be a citizen of Canada?

    No. We are able to provide surgical services to Canadian citizens and non-citizens, permanent residents, non-residents, and temporary visitors to Canada on a visa.

  • How long is the wait?

    There is usually no wait. The procedure is scheduled as soon as the doctor is available. This can range from a few days to a few weeks.

  • Is discounted accommodation available?

    Yes. You can book nearby hotels at preferred rates. We would be pleased to assist you with recommendations for accommodation and travel arrangements.

  • Do I need a referral?

    Not for most procedures, but we may require confirmation of a diagnosed condition from a doctor or specialist.

  • Will my benefit plan cover the procedure?

    Not typically. Some private benefit plans allow you to claim a portion of medically necessary procedures and certain provinces may also reimburse a portion of the costs associated with services delivered out of province. Check with your benefit plan or provincial ministry of health to confirm. Please note that we do not directly bill third party providers. The patient is responsible for payment prior to services being delivered and for securing any reimbursements that are available.

  • Are there any tax considerations?

    Some medical expenses are tax deductible. Check with your accountant to confirm.

  • Is financing available?

    Yes. Financing is available through several providers. Click here to visit our financing page.