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Your Canadian healthcare option

Centric Health’s surgical centre network offers patients choice in accessing Canada’s top physicians for surgery, consultation and diagnostics. Many Canadian patients currently travel out of the country for timely treatment. Our state-of-the-art centres across the country mean there is no need to travel abroad when quality, timely care may be available right here in Canada.

A key advantage in accessing care in Canada at Centric Health is continuity of care for follow-up appointments, questions and concerns. Canadian surgical centres are also subject to strict accreditation and regulatory standards. That means you can trust that you will receive high quality, professional care using the latest technology and techniques at an affordable cost.

Why Centric Health?

  • Earlier intervention: Reducing wait time frustrations & complications
  • Consultation, diagnostics, surgery and executive health services
  • Network of accredited facilities, surgeons & specialists
  • Services available for both Canadian & foreign patients
  • Quality care & outcomes

Timely surgery

Centric Health offers patients access to an earlier intervention. Waiting can affect your health. Earlier access to the care and treatment you require can result in reduced complications, increased productivity and better quality of life. There are no waiting lists at our facilities. You are able to see a physician within days or weeks instead of months and years, helping you return to your life, activities and work.

Services for international patients

Our facilities, services, and doctors are available to more than just Canadians. We are able to treat patients from around the world. We are insured to provide services to Canadian citizens and non-citizens, permanent residents, non-residents, temporary visitors to Canada on a visa, as well as international patients from outside of Canada, including the USA. Learn more about our services for international patients.

Trusted and accredited

All of our facilities are fully accredited and our patients are treated by some of Canada’s top physicians, many of whom are leaders in their field of specialty. These skilled, experienced board-certified physicians are committed to outstanding patient care and outcomes.


Travel out-of-province for expedited care

Travel to Canada for expedited care

Patients from the US and around the world can travel to Canada to enjoy rapid access to top physicians and diagnostics, surgery or other private health services.

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